Isidor Fink album teaser. The album will be released in late 2016 on KARE.

Gabriel performing at Mamut Art Project, 23rd April 2016.

Ongoing projects

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Previous projects

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Isidor Fink hit KARE music studio to record their debut album. Produced and mastered by Ali Ugur Erol.

Gabriel EA Clark will be performing at Mamut Art Project on the 23rd April. The performance will be a conceptual one and will include glockenspiel, samples, synths, guitar and live found sound.


March 2016 Due to a brief window of main members of Pis Yabanci being in the same country at the same time, a small, private gig is set up in March in Istanbul.

February 2016 Gabriel EA Clark steps down from keys and glock for In Hoodies to focus on his own projects.

January 2016 Gabriel EA Clark and Matt Sellier establish drone-oriented project Isador Fink.

November 2015 Gabriel EA Clark joins up-and-coming indie band In Hoodies on midi-synth, midi extensions and glockenspiel.

March 2015 Gabriel EA Clark teams up with MC and vocalist, Gramofonia to create GraNerd and create a 5-track EP. Dirty and twisted, it’s set to be released on Robonima Records in 2016.

November 29 2014 Gabriel EA Clark and Lisa Miller perform as Chorni with visual artist Leonie Zikos at RadyoFil Sahne, Istanbul.

June-November 2014 Pis Yabanci feature in cassette form in the Istanbul Modern exhibition plurivocality between June and November 2014.

Some time in 2014 Camphor form. To crack skulls mainly.

During 2012 Gabriel EA Clark and Matt Lemon compose the soundtrack to A Snail in a Woman’s Skin, by Rob Playfair.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Rob says:

    Hi Gabriel,

    Thanks for posting the film on your site. Your and Matt’s music has been garnering lots of praise from all who see it. What did you think of the film?


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