Gabriel E A Clark >> full portfolio.





30Seconds project


Isidor Fink

Isidor Fink’s Website.

Mamut Art Project performance, 23rd April 2016.

As part of the performance aspect of influential Mamut Art Project, Gabriel performed a noise piece for 20 minutes. The performance took place in Küçükçiftlik Park in Istanbul, Turkey.


Camphor is an improvisational psychedelic-noise band and performed in Istanbul between 2013-2016 causing chaos and mayhem wherever they went.

The band is largely influenced by the “krautrock” bands of the 70s.

Graham Alexander – drums

Jake Canelos – distorted bass guitar

Gabriel EA Clark – sample bombing / synths

Maxx – guest harmonica appearances

“And just you see if I don’t” — Gabriel EA Clark and Nathaniel Bug’s collaborative works

Gabriel and his brother, an animator, artist and film maker, produce occasional animations.

Nathaniel creates the animation and Gabriel creates the audio.

Teenage Nerd Prostitution

Gabriel has been writing electronic music since the 90s as Teenage Nerd Prostitution. The genres range from breakcore to plunderphonics.

Pis Yabanci

Between 2005 and 2012, and with various lineups, Gabriel’s band, Pis Yabanci, performed at various venues and festivals in Turkey.

Short film soundtrack: A Snail in a Woman’s Skin

In 2012 Gabriel and fellow musician, Matthew Lemon, composed the soundtrack for Rob Playfair’s short film A Snail in a Woman’s Skin.

The film was premiered at Philadelphia’s Shooting Wall 2013 Film Festival in May 2013.


Gabriel and Lisa Miller formed Chorni in 2012. The idea was to explore the sounds of electronic, classical and acoustic music.

They performed their work in 2013 with artist Leonie Zikos with the performance, White Square at Radyo Fil Sahne..


Arkam Asylum

Between 1999 and 2003 Gabriel EA Clark played guitar in industrial punk outfit Arkam Asylum, who were signed to Wasp Factory Recordings and released 2 albums.


Changing Perspectives (Boyan Avramov’s project)

Gabriel EA Clark performing at Post Culture stage, Plovdiv with sometime collaborator in crime and noise, Boyan Avramov. March, 2017.

In Hoodies

In November 2015 Gabriel EA Clark joined In Hoodies playing midi-synth, midi extensions and glockenspiel. The band played at Salon IKSV and Babylon Bomonti, two of Istanbul’s top venues.

Gabriel EA Clark also created a remix of the track “Healing” for a one-off remix album.



2 thoughts on “Gabriel E A Clark >> full portfolio.

  1. Hi Gabriel,

    Thanks for posting the film on your site. Your and Matt’s music has been garnering lots of praise from all who see it. What did you think of the film?


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